Constitution of the Solent Skiers Association 

(Revision April 2004)


Section 1.

Names and Objectives

1. The name of the Club shall be The Solent Skiers Association, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2. The objectives of the Club are to promote the sport of personal watercraft riding for pleasure recreation and other non-profitable purposes. To work for fair and equitable watercraft laws. To promote development of launching, parking and retrieval facilities at the Lee on Solent slipway. To provide education and promote safety in all water sports and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the Club.

Section 2.


3. The Officers of the Club shall be Full members of the club and shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain and Chief Event Marshal. The position of a Health and Safety advisor will be filled by an appropriately qualified full or honorary member and will be consulted by the committee as required.

4. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in each year. All Officers shall be eligible for re-election.

5. These officers shall constitute the Club Committee.

Duties of the Officers

6. The Chairman shall:

7. The Secretary shall:

8. The Treasurer shall:

9. The Club Captain shall:

10. The Chief Events Marshal shall:

Election of Officers

11. Candidates for Officer positions shall be those members of the retiring Committee eligible to offer themselves for re-election and such other Full members whose self-nominations in writing have been received by the Secretary at least 10 days before the Memberís Meeting in February.

12. If the number of candidates for election is greater than the number of vacancies to be filled then there shall be a postal ballot.  Results will be counted by two duly appointed returning officers and announced at the AGM.  The winning candidate will have the majority share of the returned ballot forms.

13. If the number of candidates for election is equal to or less than the number of vacancies to be filled then all candidates shall be deemed elected.

14. If, for any reason, a casual vacancy shall occur, the Committee may co-opt a Full member to fill such a vacancy until the next following AGM.

Section 3


15. There shall be the following categories of membership:

  1. Full Membership - being the person registered with the Club as the owner of the PWC. He/She shall have one vote.

  2. Honorary Member Ė Annually nominated by the Club Committee and elected by a two-thirds majority at an AGM by Full Members. He/She may be invited to attend Committee and Membersí meeting but have no vote.

  3. Associated Member - family and friends of the Full Member as covered by his/her insurance policy. These members have no vote.

  4. Social Member - An individual who being neither a full or associated member and is entitled to partake in only off-water social events as run by the SSA. He/she will have no vote

  5. Corporate Member - A PWC related business or concern with a working interest into Jetskiing activities. He/she will have no vote. Advertising and Sponsorship of events will be individually approved.

16. The Membership fee shall be proposed by the Committee and presented to the members at the AGM. Any proposed changes shall be approved by a majority of those present and entitled to vote and shall become operative with immediate effect.

17. Every member shall furnish the Secretary with an up-to-date address and PWC data-tag details which shall be recorded in the Register of Members.  All members are individually responsible for remaining insured during their period of membership.

18. The Committee may cancel, without notice given, the membership of any member whose annual subscription is more than three months in arrears. No member whose annual payments are in arrears may enter any club event or vote at any meeting.

19. Membership of the Club and acceptance of the rules by the member will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984.

Conduct of Members

20. Every member of the Club is deemed to have notice of, and impliedly undertakes to comply with the Club Rules and current Bylaws and Regulation of the Club. Any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct, which, in the opinion of the Committee, is either unworthy of a member or otherwise injurious of the club, shall render a member liable to expulsion by the Committee.

PROVIDED THAT, before expelling a member the Committee shall call upon such member for a written explanation of the memberís conduct and shall give the member full opportunity of making an explanation to the Committee, or of resigning.

A resolution to expel a member shall be carried by a simple majority vote by members of the Committee.


21. Complaints against another member of the Club must be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary for consideration by the Committee at the next meeting.

22. Complaints of any nature relating to the management of the Club shall be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary for consideration by the Committee at the next meeting.

Section 5

Management of the Club

23. Management shall be vested by the Committee Officers

24. All bills must be reviewed and approved by the Committee before they are paid. Both the Treasurer and an additional officer should sign all bank account withdraws.

25. The Committee shall make such Bylaws and Regulations, as it shall from time to time think fit. Members will be notified by post.

26. The Committee may appoint such sub-committees as it may deem necessary and may delegate its powers, as it may think fit.

Section 6

Meetings of the Club

27. An AGM of the Club shall be held every year in the month of March on a day to be fixed by the Committee. The Secretary shall notify each member of the meeting at least 30 days in advance.

28. The Committee may at any time, giving fourteen days notice, call a General Meeting of the Club for any special business.

29. There will be a monthly meeting for all Members of the Club. The Secretary will notify all members of dates, times and location as required.

30. At every meeting of the Club members or the Committee the Chairman, or in his absence, any other member of the committee will preside.

31. Ten Full Members entitled to vote and personally present shall form a quorum at any Membersí Meeting.

32. All Committee members will be present at a Committee meeting to form a quorum, (in exceptional circumstances and when a committee meeting is considered urgent, one committee member can authorise a second to act as a proxy if he is unable to attend).

33. Voting, except on election of Officers, shall be a show of hands.

34. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote, on any matter other than the election of officers and honorary members.

35. Only Full members shall vote at any Membersí Meeting. Other members may attend but are not entitled to vote.

Section 7

Vote of No Confidence

36.  A vote of no confidence may be made at a regular member's meeting which is attended by a minimum of twenty full members eligible to vote (including committee members).  A written proposal must be made to the Club Captain prior to the meeting who will then table the item at the next available meeting.  Voting will be a show of hands, with a majority win.

Section 8

Bylaws and Regulation

37. All PWCs must be data-tagged.

38. All jet skis must be adequately insured and proof of insurance must be presented on request. (The minimum being public liability insurance).

39. The wearing of a personal floatation device is mandatory on all club cruises and events.

40. The Solent bylaws must be obeyed at all times.

41. No launching of skis before 0730hrs.

42. Members must not ski whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

43. The member is solely responsible for ensuring his/her craft is seaworthy and mechanically sound.

44. All members must use the Lee on Solent slipway with respect.

45. Vehicles and trailers must only be parked in the allocated parking slots. Vehicles are prohibited from parking on the beach.

46. It is strongly recommended that all craft are equipped with a towrope, flares and some form of communication.

47. Additional safety equipment should consist of the following: bag anchor, compass, knife, fire extinguisher, tool kit, spare spark plugs and money.

48. Skiing alone is strongly discouraged.

49. Members are encouraged to undergo RYA training.


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